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COBVIEW Differences

Table of Diferences in the COBVIEW versions

Print in the Windows Printers
Generate Charts inserted in the reports
Full Documentation
Messages and menus in diferents languages
Reports exportation to several types
Send reports by Email  
Can hide the Window Progress when preview the report  
Can disable functions of COBVIEW  
Spooler manager for Windows computers    
Applications UNIX/LINUX can print in Windows printers    
MS-DOS Programs can print over USB Printers    
Convert reports to PDF for use in Web Servers    
Report Designer in Visual mode    
Generate COBVIEW code in automatic mode    
Generate COBOL code to send to COBVIEW    

COBVIEW FREE - It's a version that not need license, not need paid nothing and can distribute with your applications without problem, this consist single of the COBVIEW.EXE reports visualizer, have functions to export. Have manuals with all functions that are supported, is the version 2.00.

COBVIEW PRINT SUITE - It's the comercial version, actually are in the 2.90 version, have made many improvements and bugs corrections in some basic components like the barcode, images, exportations and any other things. This application it's a suite, since it brings external programs not only the visualzer. The diferences with the FREE version is:

Can have a Printer server for Windows lan, UNIX/LINUX too, or even internet.
Can send reports by Email.
Can export reports to PDF for send to any WebServer.

COBVIEW DEVELOPER - This version is for developers, basically contains a Reports Designer, that generate all code for not write nothing when build a new report, additionally generate the COBOL code for using COPY include the routines generated by Cobview Dev and the new report creation bee more fast.

Developer include a COBVIEW.EXE, a especial Preview and print reports.

DOES NOT INCLUDE the additional tools that PRINT SUITE have, it's to say DEVELOPER can't create a Printer server.

Which Select:

If you not want spend, or you need only print in the Windows printers, the FREE version afrees to you, since it's gratuitous and resolve the problem. But remember not include support and can't update to the last version.

If have Clients UNIX/LINUX and need print reports since this computers to Windows printers, need PRINT SUITE.

If you want develop fast Windows reports, or need convert from Text to Graphics reports, and no want to learn COBVIEW code, and no have customers with UNIX/LINUX servers, you need DEVELOPER

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