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COBEDIT E00 - Introduction
"The Editor for COBOL Programmers."

It is an extremely powerful and flexible editor, since have special functions in order to work with Cobol, that any generic editor could offer you.

Main Advantages
  • Could Compile and Execute the programs with alone a click, or using the option of the Menu Compiler and Runtime.
  • Could have defined several compilers and forms of compiling, by means of the parameters to the moment of calling to the compiler, the same it happens in the case of the runtime.
  • Could define Directories of work, so that when you want to read a program of a different directory, you chosen the directory of the list and automatically change.
  • could see the list of errors that they are generated to the moment of compiling, and with alone a click, COBEDIT takes it until her line that has the error.
  • Multi-language support:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Italian

NEW Features for the COBEDIT Version 3.00

  • FTP Remote Editing of COBOL programs, functions Open/Save since inside the editor.
  • Remote compilation with Telnet Servers configuration.
  • Project Manager, with file administrator, project types (Standard, WEB and FTP/Host)
  • Auto update HTTPD webserver with web projects, project data and Input data for every program in the project. (Need COBHTTPD Ver. 1.50)
  • New program generation based on Templates, for now Standard code and WEB code generation.
  • Template code routines for insert into current program.

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