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COBEDIT E02 - Changelog
COBEDIT 2.05 (29-April-2003)
  • Search box in the browser panel
  • New language definition files (english, español, french, italiano, German)
  • More options in compilers
  • RMCOBOL internal error parser

COBEDIT 2, is the new version for cobedit, with new features exclusivelly for COBOL programming.

RC1 never was liberated, only test in our office.

RC2 This was the first public release in, the main diference with cobedit 1, was the work in windows 2000.

  • Bugs correction in language translation
  • News hot-keys for change from file to file, now you can
  • Change with ALT-1 to ALT-9 for fast change.

  • Now you could choose the way of selection in order to select columns or lines.
  • Besides could move the selection when this in columns block mode, this options are in the toolbar with two buttons, and in the Edit Menu.

  • The option for Reopen your last programas opened.
  • Auto backup files before save.
  • Auto Reopen all files opened in your last session.
  • Option in Edit menu for Undo and Redo.
  • In the Extensions, now can define extensions for compile and for no compile (Options->Editor).
  • Right edge, now can define column position, (Options->Editor)

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