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COBEMAIL - E06 - Changelog

version 3.22 (14/Sep/2016)

  • New configuration data, for convert MSDOS Latin chars to Windows Chars

version 3.20 (22/Feb/2016)

  • New parameter /LOGEMAIL, for send errors by email to another account
  • Now handle language file, for show messages and warnings in english or spanish, by now.

version 3.11 (06/Nov/2015)

  • New parameter por cobemail /STAT, now can show the send status, if has error show message, or message if was sended.
  • B - Now can send two accounts in the TO email data.

version 3.10 (15/May/2015)

  • Password for Account is now save Encrypted in the configuration file
  • Can now send emails in the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) mode. TEST7 program, is the sample for this feature.

version 3.00 (30/Sep/2014)

  • Support for SMTP servers with SSL certificates, now is possible work with SMTP servers like o with this feature.
  • New parameter: /LOG filename.log for save a log by username o terminal, and no any global.

version 2.04 (15/Oct/2010)

  • With with MEMOS for send content in the BODY email. (Only for text emails).
  • Work with MEMO variables, for put in the HTML Template the value. Allow values with Multiple text lines.

version 2.00 (16/Jun/2008)

  • Allow variables on HTML template files
  • Allow tables work, like blocks repeated

version 1.20 (31/Mar/2008)

  • Ask confirmation of email received

version 1.10 (4/Sep/2007)

  • Allow save log of email sended

version 1.00 (25/ene/2007)

  • First version published
  • Send emails in Text and HTML format
  • Work with HTML Templates

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