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COBHTTPD - E01 - Introduction

"WEB Application server for COBOL"

With COBHTTPD you will be able to develop WEB applications to integrate them to your desktop applications developed with COBOL. The possibilities are Infinite, since it will be able to add from consultations WEB for remote operation of its data, like also complete applications of management on Web.

The COBHTTPD application server is installed over a computer that work like server, and over this server are installed the programas that work with operations for access and update the data, the clients only need have your internet browser preferred linke IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape or any other compatible browser.

Can return also HTML content o even reports that are developed with COBVIEW, returning this reports in PDF format.

COBHTTPD is a software based on components, of such away we have obtained that with only one application you can obtain the following benefits:
  • To add powerful developments tools, as they are consultations Web
  • Connect the information of your customers to internet
  • Build secure applications with Sessions help, that you manage in transparent way
  • Possibility for build applications B2B, Ecommerce

Actually the Internet comunity is growing to exaggerated steps, and the decision more important that the executives are taking if they must to take itsoperations of bussines to Internet. The power to consult information by internet to lazy of being a luxury and has become a necesity. When our customers solicit to make this operations type, we must be prepared to be able to solve this necessity to them with our applications, otherwise we will run the risk of lossing important accounts.

The companies that have vision technological nonsingle they are satisfied to having presence in Internet with a Web page, and having contact with their clients via email, wishes to go beyond, is here where COBHTTPD helps to us in creating Web applications.

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