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COBHTTPD - E06 - Changelog

version 3.10b (30/Abr/2014)

  • Add library java_maps.js, in the public folder /js/
  • Now work with Geolicalization using the Bing Maps Services
  • In the samples, now have a sample program using HTML5 and COBOL

version 3.10 (30/Nov/2012)

  • Now can install over 64 bits Windows 7 and 2008

version 3.00 (1/Jul/2012)

  • Read 64,000 data bytes from linkage
  • MIME type extensions manager
  • ALIAS in web urls
  • AUTH module

version 2.44 (25/Feb/2008)

  • New feature, upload files by http
  • New license mode register

version 2.42 (26/Nov/2007)

  • Now include 5 client licences for demo
  • Several bugs correction

version 2.40 (23/Mar/2007)

  • Support for the POWER COBOL 5 Compiler
  • New interface for the configuration program
  • Now the PDF reports are returned in automatic way, before return first a META page
  • NEW Pool connections, for fast client process (512 connections)

version 2.30 (10/Dec/2006)

  • Only one instance execution
  • Can insert values in a Combo control (SELECT) inside a HTML template
  • Correction bugs with is installed like NT service

version 2.10 (1/Jun/2006)

  • Now work with HTML templates buildin with Front-Page
  • Data translated forwour COBOL program to the Template
  • Macro interpreted in the Templates
  • Build Blocks for repeat data insertion

version 1.00 (11/May/2004)

  • Can run CGI programs, and return PDF and HTML content
  • CGILIB, library for rapid application build for COBOL programs
  • Work with sessions, for save values and store in the server side
  • Documentation update
  • Full documentation for the CGILIB library

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