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COBVIEW - E01 - Introduction

"The easy way to build Windows reports from COBOL"

COBVIEW It's a program that help us in the creation of Windows style reports, with graphic elements like: text formated, lines and box, box rounded.

COBVIEW build the Header and Footers, that are printted in every page in the report, now you not need count line by line for skip the page.

is very easy, like create a file Sequential, and put any special tags in the report, for build special things depending on our needs.

This tags that COBVIEW use, are very similars to HTML, so if you alredy know HTML not have any problem to build your reports with COBVIEW.

Your customers will be satisfied when counting with a tool that facilitates the understanding of the information presented by your applications.
Aswell as the presentation of your information will be agreed with the new technlogies.

Additionally you added functionality to your applications, like to power exports your information to Excel, PDF, Image, Send reports by email, or share your reports in the internet.

The capacity to create Charts of different types within your reports will allow you to cause that your application increases in quality of information
And you will allow that your customers make better decisions and fast way, thanks to the information presentedd by your Application.

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