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COBVIEW - E02 - Description

"The easy way for create Windows reports from COBOL"

COBVIEW change the name, and is called now: Cobview Print Suite.

Why?, because now include several external tools to do the best work printing.

Now, with COBVIEW Print Suite you can do:

  • Print in Windows printers using the COBVIEW program, can be Matrix printers, Lasser, Inkjet and USB printers too.
  • Build your own Print Server with any Windows computer, accessing reports since your Windows lan, or even Internet in any Unix/Linux/Ftp server host.
  • Send Reports by email, and not need have COBVIEW installed in the destination computer.
  • Can hide function buttons for the tool bar, for work like you want with your applications.
  • New print Several lines like MEMO fields with tag MEMO
  • New style colors and buttons, like XP theme
  • More tools: continue page, drag page with hand tool
  • Change paper size in preview mode (Letter to A4 or Legal sample)
  • Connection with our new program Reports Server (Web-Reports)


Export to Excel your report data direct.
Generate PDF files without change something
Send your Reports by EMAIL
Visualize your reports by internet in the Web-Browser.

With cobview you can write reports easy mode.

COBVIEW handles the windows printers for you, and of easy way write windows reports with the follwing facilities:

  • Configuration headers with automatic print when jump of page
  • Footers configuration
  • Easy reports in column mode
  • Can print images bmp, gif and jpg format
  • Zoom sizes: 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 150%
  • Pages Sizes: Letter, Legal, A4 and CUSTOM
  • Print Orientation: Portrait and Landscape
  • Barcode print with diferent kinds
  • Columns totals, including by page
  • Variable initialization in every page
  • Report exportat system, in format: Text delimited, Excel sylk, HTML, PDF, BMP and JPG
  • Chart creation with report data wizard forms
  • New command online parameters for easy export
  • Draw shapes like Box, Filled boxes, Rounded Boxes, Lines
  • NEW Tags for CHARTS creation, embebeded into reports, charts type: Line, Bar and Pie


  • Cobspool-WIN - For create Print Server in the Windows LAN
  • Cobspool-FTP - Create a Print Server connecting with any FTP Server (UNIX / Linux / or any FTP Server).
  • CobviewPDF - External tool for convert your COBVIEW reports in PDF in automatic WAY
  • CobviewCGI - For create online PDF to work in any webserver called from cobol.

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