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COBVIEWDEV - E01 - Introduction

"The Report Designer for COBOL"

If work with COBVIEW is simple, work with the designer is it even but. Since it facilitates the creation of reports in visual way, since by means of controls and assigning values to the diferent properties you can create all code need by COBVIEW and the COBOL code to convert in fast way any report from TEXT to WINDOWS.

The designer allow us to select the page size, asign the data that we need in the report, as well the position of then, and if your data are numeric, you can create a mask for the propper presentation with your number data.

The code generated you can use in your programs thanks to a COPY sentence, and thus include in your source code.

The systems analysts need better tools than they help in the daily work of creation of Software, this is the goal of COBTOOLS.COM, since we were centered in the necessities of the programmer, and thanks to the necessities of great group of programmers was as COBVIEW Developer were born, that along with visualizer COBVIEW, they do the perfect team in the creation of reports, and specifically developed for COBOL.

Thanks to COBVIEW many companies have managed to improve the quality of their applications, since now their reports have a graphical presentation and count on visual objects like Charts that represent the information before shaped in numeric and alphanumeric data.

Now with the designer of COBVIEW Developer, the software builders analysts do not worry to understand in their totality the language of tags that uses COBVIEW, since they are only enfoncan in solving the problem of data of visual way.

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