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COBVIEWDEV - E06 - Changelog

version 4.61 (11/Dec/2015)

  • Change, /NOBUTTON parameter, not hide button for WebReports
  • Correction in messages, not translate correctly to spanish several messages.

version 4.60 (03/Dec/2015)

  • New check box in the send by email window. This is for mark and wait recepit confirmation. This data can be checked, using the tag EMAIL with CONFIRMATION='Y' parameter.
  • When sending email now can be evaluated all status codes returned by the smtp server. If any erros status is received, the email send is cancelled and show error in the screen.

version 4.55 (19/May/2015)

  • When the application is executed in mode \\COMPUTER\FOLDER\program, images in the report are not found. SOLVED
  • COBVIEW can have only one email configuration for send the reports by email, but if you need send reports with anoter account, can use the new parameters: AUTHUSER and AUTHPASS, for indicate another smtp account.
  • New parameter /LOGEMAIL filename.log, to save a log when send emails, to scan status and errors from the smtp server.
  • Now can use A5 Paper Size

version 4.52 (01/Dec/2014)

  • New parameter /EXPORT-SYLK, to export to excel, using the old format, using SYLK files

version 4.50 (20/Oct/2014)

  • Now is possible to change the Skin to report viewer allowing change everything in sight with different theme of colors.
  • Now is pissible use SMTP servers with SSL security actived. This allow use accounts like or type. (Any server can apply some restrictions to send emails).

version 4.10 (1/Jul/2014)

  • New option for export to Excel files directly to XLS files.
  • Old Excel format is now known like SYLK files.
  • Can now check to open Excel file, inmediatly after file created.
  • New parameters for tag: PRINT, MEMO, IMG, DRAW for indicate Excel cell where put the data.
  • New tag: EXCEL, to indicate in with sheet and sheet name use to save the data from the report, and too for work with multiple sheets in the same excel file
  • New samples to show all COBVIEW to Excel Features.
  • COBVIEW Developer: New control properties xlsCol, xlsRow, xlsCols, xlsRows for compatibility with COBVIEW 4.10 new tags.

version 3.22 (09/Aug/2011)

  • Resolved problem when use apostrophe in value using VAR tag

version 3.20 (13/Jun/2011)

  • In the MEMO control, add a new property Autoheight, for indicate if we need a MEMO with height variable.

version 3.12 (04/May/2010)

  • Now can do Exportation with more FONTS in PDF format
  • New Config data for include Fonts in PDF files, type Linked or Embedded
  • New Config data, for compress or not PDF exportation

version 3.10 (30/11/2009)

  • Correction on CUSTOM page size
  • Wathermark, activate on Even and ODD page numbers

version 3.06 (25/Jun/2009)

  • Bug correction, when using GroupBands, and print twice on top new page

version 3.04 (07/Jun/2009)

  • Problem resolved, when print over HP P1005
  • Include COBVIEW version 3.10

version 3.00 (02/Feb/2009)

  • Now can include COBVIEW tags inside our report
  • TextAngle property, can indicate inclination degrees on our controls
  • BorderWidth property, now can put decimals, for build thin lines
  • New band type for build group reports (Border Group Header).
  • New Control: Sumary, for build Sumatory controls
  • New Control: Operation, for build operations COMPUTE type
  • Include COBVIEW version 3.04

version 1.83 (03/Sep/2007)

  • Last open reports list in menu File
  • Include COBVIEW Ver. 2.96

version 1.80 (06/May/2007)

  • New Control MEMO
  • New Control Chart Lines
  • New Control Chart Stacked
  • Include COBVIEW Ver. 2.95

version 1.52 (20/Mar/2007)

  • Bug Correction in Menu Copy and paste
  • Now can copy Bands in the same report

version 1.50 (3/Mar/2006)

  • Charts generation, Pie and Bar types
  • Include now COBVIEW 2.90

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