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COBVIEWDEV - E02 - Description

COBVIEW Developer is the new program of COBTOOLS, now you can design your report visually.

COBVIEW Developer contain the next Features:
  • COBVIEW Designer, with WYSIWYG report editor and drag-drop functions
  • COBVIEW Preview, the standard preview for COBOL reports
  • Free COBVIEW Preview distribute with your applications.
  • Have the most know report controls like: Bands, Labels, Fields, Memo, Shape, Image, SysField, Charts.
  • Fast reports builder for COBOL, accessing your own COBOL data files, without ODBC or any other driver need.
  • Fast code generation for your COBVIEW and COBOL paragraphs for call since your COBOL program.
  • Total control over your bands impression.
  • New Barcode control
  • ZOOM since 50% until 300%
  • Can design reports with Inches, Centimeters and Milimeters units.
  • Automatic data extraction since Computational fields, with any Picture MASK defined in the field control.
New in version 3.00
  • New Band type for build Band Group Headers
  • New control for build SUMS and Totals
  • New control for do Operations like COMPUTE
  • Option for put COBVIEW Tags, for initialize specially any report
New in version 1.83
  • New control Memo for print several text lines with word wrap
  • New control for build chart lines
  • New control for build chart stacked bar
  • New last open reports list
What is COBVIEW Developer?

COBVIEW Developer is a Report designer developed for COBOL specially. Is based on Bands, like the most populars reporters.

The current version of COBVIEW Developer is 1.80, this program generate all code necesary for produce reports that can be viewed with the COBVIEW program.
Generate the COBVIEW format for the report, and the COBOL code for pass your COBOL data to COBVIEW format.

For who is directed COBVIEW Developer?

At this moment, is focused only for COBOL developers, since at the design time your report sometimes it is necessary to indicate some COBOL data, that only are known by the COBOL programmer.

What is needed to use COBVIEW?

Firstly you need a COBOL source program that produce the report. Need too the COBOL compiler for compile your program, and the Runtime if this is necesary.

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